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Should I turn on ADC
Last Updated 5 years ago

After the initial scan of all your devices, YES.
That is automatic detection countermeasures

Now that the initial scan is complete, and before you put ADC ON, you can either wait until all other devices have been added, i.e. wi fi or cable devices that were offline, tv's, rokus, ps3,ps4, xbox, other household phones etc. You will get a new device message, you can go to the home screen if they are your devices Click to start the fix wizard.
If you had ADC on and a device comes online and it is yours, click unblock and trust
If ADC was off and the device is yours click the trust button
If a device is not yours you can leave it blocked until you determine what it is or remove it.
Once you think your all set, you can turn on ADC , Defensive countermeasures.

Once you do that any new devices that are added will be blocked. So you will need to log into the app , click on home , then click the fix wizard, and UNBLOCK AND TRUST those devices, if they are yours.

you should now be all set,
Anyone coming into the house and knows your wifi password, will be blocked, it is up to you to let them use it. You will need to unblock and trust them.
If you add a smart tv, smart refrigerator, amazon devices, wifi camera's anything that needs a wifi connection, it will be blocked and must be unblocked and trusted for you to continue installation of that device.
You will get an email so you will know.

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