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How can I find my IP address on my devices?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The best way is to google the device you have how can I find my IP address on ________ device.

For most windows pc's you can do a CTRL +ALT+DEL once and start task manager. (you may need to click on more info), click on the performance tab and then the ethernet or wifi display, and in the middle of the page it will give the information of your IPV4 address, then you can go to the reconsentinel app, and depending where the device is, online, offline or blocked, you can click on the MORE INFO and it will show you that devices IP address.
you can name the device if it is not named.

For Iphones, you can go into settings, click on wifi and next to the wifi your connected to is a blue i ,
click on that and it will show you the ip address of that device. Then follow the same info above to find and name it.
If the devices that are blocked and you want them to have internet access, then go to the Recon sentinel APP, login, go to home screen, blocked button and on each device click UNBLOCK AND TRUST the device that you want to have internet access.

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