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Is there an installation document that I can follow?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Yes, you can follow this guideline for installation and follow up support.


After any prerequisite work has been completed please use the following checklist.

  • The customer turn on all devices, pc’s tv’s on before starting, for a more complete scan.
  • Connect the recon sentinel to the network, it will start up and display the device ID #
  • Write down the device id #__________________________________________
  • Go to there, create a desktop shortcut for the login, which can be created by right clicking on the desktop, select NEW, SHORTCUT, enter the above URL, click next. Name it recon sentinel and click finish.Show the customer it has been created and click on it to continue.
  • Continue with ‘the getting started’ login and write down their

    Username ________________________

    Password________________________case sensitive. 12 characters.

    The recon sentinel will start scanning the network once the login has been completed and it will take 4-5 minutes per device found to finish the initial scan.

    Once the scan is complete have the customer turn on ADC, if you cannot stay until this finishes, leave this worksheet.

    For help finding IP address there is a faq here just search the support site noted below

    Customer information

    To turn on ADC, login to the APP, go to the home screen and click the turn on ADC button.

    There are many FAQ’s on our website to search for info

    If you need to ask for support for recon sentinel questions, e mail us at

    RSSupport@reconsentinel.comenter your dev id # when submitting a question so we can look at your device. Or You can login to the app, click on the 3 bars (menu) on the top right, and send us feedback with your question.

    We do outbound phone calls if needed, so If we do call you, please don’t block anonymous calls as that is how it shows up on caller ID.

    Most important, if it is not working correctly, no internet access to any devices, you can unplug the unit from the modem temporarily and contact Recon sentinel to resolve it.

    If you have had lightning storms in your area, and you cannot login to the recon sentinel, a message saying’ cannot connect to server’, then unplug the router and recon sentinel for 1 minute, then plug in the router, it will take 3-5 minutes to reboot and then plug in the recon sentinel, it will take 2-3 minutes to come online. It should all work as normal.

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