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Initial scan is complete, what next ?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Now that the initial scan is complete, and before you turn the Active Defense Countermeasures feature to "ADC ON", you should wait until all other devices that were off-line get scanned ( i.e. wifi or cable modems, tv's, Rokus, PS3,PS4, Xbox, smart phones, etc). We recommend that you wait a minimum of 24 hours so that all devices that normally connect to the network are discovered. When a new device is detected with ADC OFF, you will get a "unknown device" message. If you recognize this device, you can go to the home screen and click to start the fix wizard in order to "Trust" the device. You can also simply click on the "Trust" button for the device.

Once you think that most of your devices have been discovered and trusted, you can turn on ADC, "Active Defense Countermeasures". This can be found on the "Home" screen.

When ADC is "ON" and an un-trusted device tries to connect to the network, ADC will automatically block it. You will receive an alert notifying you of this event. If you recognize the device, you can accept it by going to the "Home" screen and using the Fix Wizard, or by clicking on both the "Unblock" and "Trust" button for the device.

If a device is not known, you can leave it blocked until you determine whether or not to both unblock and trust it.

Please note that when ADC is turned on, any device not previously trusted will be blocked. It is up to you to unblock and trust the device so that it can access your network regularly, Similarly, if you add a new smart TV, smart refrigerator, Amazon device, security camera or anything that uses a network or wifi connection, it will be blocked automatically and must be unblocked and trusted in order for that device to access your network automatically in the future.

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