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What kind of features does the device provide?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Once the scan is completed it will provide
Real time Network Inventory,
You can't defend what you don't know. Recon Sentinel provides a real-time inventory of all devices on your network.
Active Cyber Defense Countermeasures,
Detects and blocks Unauthorized Devices, Hacking Activity and Attacks on your network.
Deceptive traps Detect Hacking Activity,
Cyber Deception Traps lure malware and hackers into interacting with the Recon Sentinel, immediately alerting you of their presence.
Network Reconnaissance Scanning Detection,
Detects the scans used by malware and hackers performing network reconnaissance looking for vulnerable devices.
Instant Alerts
If nefarious activity is detected, the Recon Sentinel will send an email alert to you, notifying you of what is happening and what you can do to fix the issue.
Works with all your devices
No matter what router, firewall, wireless access point and anti-virus you have, the Recon Sentinel works with all of them, adding a virtual layer of detection and protection to your network.

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